About Us

Readable is where people from around the world come together to help each other transcribe & translate the things people say.  

Our hope is that the things people say in one language, become accessible to speakers of any language. 

Every day thousands of people from around the world discover valuable, entertaining and educational content on Readable because of volunteer editors and translators who have a passion for unlocking the spoken word inside videos & sound recordings, making it accessible to people speaking over 100 different languages. 

We are growing bigger every day. Be a part of something amazing and start transcribing and translating today!

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How does it work?

Readable is powered by the enthusiasm and language skills of its community of editors. Our platform enables editors to co-operate on transcribing any video or sound file that websites like Youtube make publicly available for embedding. Transcripts can be created in over 140 different languages for any video. The more transcripts a video has available in different languages, the more people from around the world will be able to understand and learn from the video content. All it takes for you to become an editor is to Sign in with your Facebook or Google+ account; use our search function to find a video you are interested in working on; and click on the 'Edit' button. That's all it takes to get started!  

What's special about Readable?

At Readable we believe that one of the most fundamental and most effective ways to change the world is to make it easier and faster for people to understand and learn from each other.  Much of the world's most inspirational, interesting and educational information only exists in spoken form, in one single language. Readable's mission is to help make the spoken word discoverable, searchable and accessible by the highest number of people from around the world.